A First For Everything

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for several weeks now. I’ve been composing sentences in my head and finding potential content in everyday events, so of course the moment I finally set everything up and I have a blinking cursor all ready to feed my thoughts onto the page … I go blank.

This is really more for me than for an audience, but for those charitable few who might stumble upon my thoughts and read past the first few sentences, welcome.

I lost my son. He took his life twenty months ago, and my daughter and I are changed forever. I decided to start a blog because I can’t seem to do anything with the whirling cyclone of chaotic thoughts since he died, so hopefully writing some of it down will vent some of the force and content of the cyclone and allow new thoughts to be born. This blog will not be entirely about his death or my grief, but he will certainly be mentioned in it from time to time. I thought I should get that right up front, so if you’re uncomfortable with the subject of tragic death and its aftermath, maybe this blog isn’t for you. On the other hand, hopefully someone might read this and take something useful from it for their own understanding and, perhaps, healing. He was an amazing person and my daughter’s guiding star. I refuse to allow him to just fade away.

Topics covered here might range anywhere from classic and current literature, music, stained glass, random peeves, philosophy (mine, mostly), grief, whether there really is an afterlife, pets, cooking, politics, world events, and utterly meaningless musings and observations. I will try not to be any more boring than I can help.